Device Configuration#


Although Octaipipe may help you on the road toward MLOPs over the edge devices, there are some vital steps to make your edge devices work appropriately under Octaipipe with proper measures. We provide this section to make you understand and realise these steps systematically.

Configs Preparation#

If you have one or a batch of freshly installed devices, there are three major steps to preparing an edge device for using OctaiPipe. These steps are:

  • Device Registration

  • Device Initialisation

  • Docker Image Deployment

Octaipipe provides various tools and features to help you through these steps respectively. We will introduce these in the following sectors.

Device Registration#

This step helps Octaipipe make aware of the existence of an edge device. This essential step makes it possible for Octaipipe to access an edge device and performs the following steps. Vital information related to this device, such as IP and credentials, is required to register a device. Once information is well-prepared, you may use tools provided by Octaipipe to perform device registration. You can register not only a single device but also a batch of devices by a CSV file. For more detail, one may reference this document.

Docker Image Deployment#

The final step will be the installation of the docker images. Octaipipe uses container technology to enable MlOps and its unique pipeline technology. To realise this, we also use the yaml to config the tasks.

Further Readings#

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