Installing OctaiPipe#

OctaiPipe components:

OctaiPipe is made up of 4 main parts

  1. Portal: the OctaiPipe cloud back end and web interface.

  2. Edge: The device client runs on edge devices and communicates with the Portal to receive workloads and provide status.

  3. Developer Environment: This is a Kubeflow environment in your Kubernetes cluster.

  4. CI Server: The Portal collects updates and default images from here.


  • The OctaiPipe Portal is usually installed in your cloud infrastructure. We currently support AWS and Azure.

  • For Azure users, instructions for installing from the Azure Marketplace can be found here.

  • If you prefer to install on AWS, please contact us at and the support team will provide detailed documentation and terraforms scripts to allow you to install OctaiPipe into your AWS account.

  • The OctaiPipe device client is installed on each of your devices as part of Device Installation.