OctaiPipe Getting Started Guide#

Welcome to the OctaiPipe Getting Started Guide!

We’re thrilled to have you onboard, and are eager to help you navigate the powerful features of our cutting-edge platform. Whether you’re a seasoned machine learning expert or just starting your AI journey, OctaiPipe is designed to streamline your experience deploying models at scale.

OctaiPipe is a versatile, cross-platform Edge AI solution, carefully crafted to facilitate the end-to-end process of training, deploying, and managing models in any IoT environment. Our platform comes equipped with a variety of built-in machine learning algorithms and models, empowering businesses to effortlessly integrate AI into their products and internal processes.

Key Features#

Seamless edge-cloud connectivity

Efficiently train, deploy, and operate ML systems on the edge or cloud

Federated learning at the edge

Scale up training minus the data transfer costs using collaborative, private, and secure state-of-the-art algorithms

Experimentation and model management tools

Simplify sharing, traceability, and reproducibility of ML development artefacts

Automated model monitoring and continual learning

Using intuitive MLOps tools, massively scale model lifecycle management without modifying code

Easy management of edge estate

Intuitive registration, control, and monitoring of edge device clusters

Contents Overview#